Meet the owner and operator: Rachel Eaton, APN, ACNPC-AG

Rachel has been a registered nurse for over 28 years. She obtained her master's degree in acute care nursing at Walden University. She was certified by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses for Acute Care Nurse Practitioners in 2019.

Rachel spent most of her career in hospital settings but has also cared for patients in nursing homes, home care, and the NJ correctional system. Her diverse knowledge and experience include critical care, neurology, PACU, cardiology/telemetry, surgical services, psychiatry, IV infusions, and certification as a weight loss consultant. Besides working with the medically ill, Rachel has always remained true to her passion for mental health. She was a psychiatric clinical instructor for Rutgers University's Bachelor of Science Nursing Program for two years. In addition, she has provided psychiatric nursing care for over a decade in the Crisis Center, as well as acute care, day programs, and home care. Currently, Rachel offers neuro-psychiatry services for older individuals to control symptoms of dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other co morbid diseases. She also has her own office where she treats patients with a combination of traditional medicine and supplements via intravenous infusions and injections. IV supplements offer crucial cellular interventions to reduce chronic conditions and maintain optimal health.

Rachel is most known for her proven weight loss programs. Losing weight with FDA-approved, safe, and effective medications allows patients to control what they eat. Rachel's professional supervision and personal availability for every person make her programs unprecedented.

Rachel is fortunate to collaborate with Dr. Peter Kelly D.O.
Dr. Kelly is a family practice physician affiliated with Cooper University Health Care. Dr. Kelly provides oversight and direction when necessary. He is available for consultation and guidance in difficult cases or for questions requiring physician expertise.